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Our clients are our first responsibility.  We value the trust clients have bestowed upon us and work hard to cultivate lasting, long-term relationships.  We do not take our clients’ business for granted, nor do we settle for doing merely what is expected of us.  By understanding client needs and offering the best possible service, Clark & Company forges a time-tested bond between the firm and our clients.


Our reputation with our clients, our community and the financial industry is to be protected at all cost.  When integrity or trust is ever called in to question, the outstanding reputation that one has spent many years building is difficult to restore. Our clients trust us with intimate personal information and we must protect that confidentiality and trust at all times.


Our greatest assets are our human and intellectual capital.  The lifeblood of the firm goes home every night, and it is our responsibility to foster an environment that encourages creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurial activity.


We hire only the best people for the job.  At Clark & Company, our clients are precious resources. It would only follow then, that we would be especially demanding in the individuals we let work with them. Clark & Company hires only the best and the brightest.


We demand loyalty and high ethical standards from our people at all times. Ethics are not an option. At Clark & Company, they’re ritual.  Our employees’ actions not only affect themselves, but also reflect on their co-workers and the firm as a whole.  This standard not only applies to business dealings, but extends to their personal lives as well. 

“Good firms worry about the competition.
Great firms worry about their clients.”

Henry Paulson
Former Secretary of Treasury